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What makes Marcus Dupree most proud? You might be surprised.

The legend named Marcus Dupree scored 87 high school touchdowns, but that’s not what makes him the most proud. He had a book written about him by an accomplished author when he was 17, but that doesn’t make him most proud, either.

Dupree gained 1,144 yards as a college freshman and his brilliance caused the vaunted Oklahoma football program, coached by Barry Switzer, to change its offense to feature his kills. That’s nice, but not at the top of Dupree’s list.

Though he was 15 pounds overweight from being home for the holidays, he rushed for a still Fiesta Bowl record 249 yards essentially in one half – but not that’s not what he treasures most.

He scored a touchdown on his first professional carry as a New Orleans Breaker – before he was legally old enough to buy a beer – but that’s not tops for him.

Dupree is generally recognized as the most gifted high school football player to ever play the game, perhaps the most highly recruited player in history. Nice, but not tops.

Last Saturday night, Dupree entered the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame, an amazing feat for a guy who supposedly had had his athletic career ended at age 20. He is immensely proud of that but it is not at the top of list.

OK, so you want to know what is? You want to know what the great Marcus Dupree considers his singularly most satisfying feat? Well, here it is.

When Dupree’s knee was shattered in the opening game of his second USFL season, doctors said he was done. He not only has his left knee torn up, his left hamstring snapped. Doctors said he was finished, no way he could play again on that left wheel.

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