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"Mind is the Builder"

Pound for pound, the most powerful physical structure on earth is the human brain.

“Weighing less than sixteen hundred grams (2 pounds lighter than your laptop computer) the human brain in its natural state resembles nothing so much as a soft, wrinkled walnut. Yet despite this inauspicious appearance, the human brain can store more information than all the libraries in the world. It is also responsible for our most primitive urges, our loftiest ideals, the way we think, even the reason why, on some occasions, we sometimes don’t think, but act instead.” – from The Brain by Richard Restak, M.D.

The brain controls everything - everything we think, say, feel and do. It "tells" our voluntary and involuntary reflexes-systems to operate. It signals, and modulates our hormonal systems of fight, flight, feelings, empathy, insulin, reproduction, and so much more. It's creative - it forms it's own unique neuropathways, and often creates new ones following a brain injury. It also ignites the "spark" for the creative endeavors we human beings carry out.

The human brain is a massive super computer when injured, or damaged - impacts all systems and functions of the human body. It's a trillion-PLUS times more powerful than your smart phone or ANY computer. Please take care of it.

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