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"Brain Injury Awareness Day" Event - Tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow for our Virtual Brain Injury Awareness Day Event via Facebook and Instagram!

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, and we’re dedicating a whole day to raise awareness. We will share updates about our events and also feature powerful videos from our Mississippi survivors hourly, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Their story | Their words | Their voice! - the voice of a survivor who lived, despite unpredictable odds of surviving.

We are thankful we can share our Mississippi survivors' and caregivers' powerful stories with you and provide information about the Brain Injury Association of Mississippi and our supportive resources.

If you know a survivor who would be interested in sharing their story in the future, please encourage them to contact lmoss@msbraininjury.org. We will be sharing more videos throughout the month of March and beyond.

Brain Injury Association of Mississippi | 1640 Lelia Drive, Suite 100 | Jackson, MS 39296

Contact us: lmoss@msbraininjury.org or on our website: msbraininjury.org

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