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"CrashCourse" - Unpacking Concussion, With the Power of Survivor Stories In Their Words

A collection of 4,000+ personal accounts with concussions, from injury to diagnosis, recovery and beyond.

To commemorate March being Brain Injury Awareness Month and the "More Than My Brain Injury" campaign, the Brain Injury Association of America has partnered with TeachAids and the National Council of Youth Sports to present the CrashCourse Concussion Story Wall.

Featuring an interactive database of more than 4,000 video stories, this groundbreaking product sheds light on mild traumatic brain injury in a very personal way. The videos portray how the injuries occurred, the symptoms experienced and offer personal suggestions from those who have been affected by concussion. The Concussion Story Wall is intended to be a comprehensive resource to help develop an understanding of brain injury and an appreciation for the whole person, further emphasizing that individuals are "more than their brain injuries."

Visit the Concussion Story Wall using the link below and hear the stories from these remarkable individuals!

Also, be sure and tune in on March 11 when we will be sharing stories from Mississippi survivors on our social media channels!

Dan Bolhouse (SCI Survivor) | Karen Cadle (ABI - TBI Survivor) | Johnny McGinn (TBI - SCI Survivor)

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