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#MoreThanMyBrainInjury - Brain Injury Education/Awareness

More than 5.3 million children and adults in the United States are living with a permanent brain injury-related disability.

If you know someone who is living with a brain injury or if you are a brain injury survivor, you know that brain injury is not just an event or an outcome. It is the start of an often misunderstood, misdiagnosed, underfunded neurological condition and chronic disease process.

Survivors of brain injury are often stigmatized and labeled "mentally ill" due to cognitive and behavioral changes caused by the injury itself. The severity of the injury and the availability and quality of patient care determines the pathway to finding a "new normal" for the survivor, their family members and/or caregivers. Brain injury survivors do not just "get over it" like someone would with a broken bone. Since the human brain is the most complex of all human organs, each brain injury is unique, and the treatment protocols and rehabilitation journeys vary greatly. A survivor's road is often a difficult and long journey - many times a lifelong journey.

Post-acute brain injury facilities and rehabilitation centers such as NRC TASS in Crystal Springs are the critical "next step" after hospitalization. These facilities offer survivors and caregivers compensatory-adaptive strategies through intensive physical, social, speech, psychological and occupational therapies so that survivors can perform daily living activities which are much needed for the best outcomes.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

The Brain Injury Association of America's #MoreThanMyBrainInjury campaign is bringing awareness to brain injury and educating others on what it's like to live with brain injury. Survivor stories will be featured on the BIAA website and social media. The Brain Injury Association of Mississippi will continue posting our "Survivor Spotlight" featuring Mississippi survivors and their stories in their words including their survival, challenges and successes post-injury. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn how our survivors are "more than their brain injuries" and then share our stories with others. Remember: It can happen, anywhere, anytime to anyone!

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