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MS Winter Weather - Preventing Slips, Falls, Concussions and TBI's.

As temperatures drop and snow flies, the number of injuries due to slips and falls increases.

Seemingly simple everyday actions such as padding out the front door in slippers, stepping out of a car in a parking lot or talking the dog out for a walk can suddenly become treacherous in the dead of winter, leading to falls and injury.

A quick trip for milk could result in a vehicle crash or a slide off the road waiting on help to arrive.

Unintentional falls are currently the #1 cause of traumatic brain injury-related deaths in the United States.

The easiest way to avoid injuries during the winter is to stay inside until your walkways, and roadways have been shoveled, treated and cleared of ice. If you must leave for essential reasons please take these precautions to reduce your risk of falls and injury:

1. Be cautious and allow extra time to travel.

2. Have de-icer on hand before bad weather begins. Treat areas by following product instructions.

3. Wear proper footwear made for icy and snowy conditions.

4. Wear protective clothing in layers with proper jackets and gloves for the weather situation.

5. Keep your eyes on your pathway and avoid distractions.

6. While outside, keep your hands free from your pockets, cell phone and keys for better balance.

7. Hold onto rails or solid objects for stability.

8. Keep your stride shorter and avoid long steps.

9. Sand or kitty litter can be used to gain traction for your feet or tires.

10. Have a charged cell phone with you in case you fall or are in a situation and need to call for help.

For more advise and tips click here: WINTER GUIDE TO PREVENT FALLS from the Iowa Falls Prevention Coalition

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