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"Salute to Our Heroes" Survivor Spotlight: Robert Gaillet

On November 17, 2013, 16-year-old Robert Gaillet suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, multiple fractures and other internal injuries as the result of a one-vehicle accident on the Natchez Trace Parkway. Just a week prior, he had won his 2nd Individual State Cross Country Championship, led St. Andrew’s to the cross country title and then played two soccer games scoring the first goal of the season for his high school team.

The doctors did not expect Robert to make it through the night when he got to the hospital. The Gaillet family has been blessed with more time but has faced many setbacks and struggles. Robert suffered a stroke a week after the accident which compounded all of his other issues. Robert’s recovery is ongoing.

After seven years, he is still totally dependent but continues to make “baby steps” of progress. "We celebrate every day as an opportunity," says Bethany, Robert Gaillet's mom.

"We were fortunate to connect with the Brain Injury Association of Mississippi early in our journey. The Association has provided support, information on resources, as well as advice on available services. They have helped locate equipment Robert has needed and helped us determine the questions we needed to ask to put Robert in the best possible living situation. Connecting with people who understand life revolving around a traumatic brain injury survivor continues to be invaluable to our family!"

The BIAMS exists to help Robert Gaillet and many other survivors and their families. Purchase a tickets in our "Salute to Our Heroes" Virtual Drawdown tonight and help us continue our mission!

Please join us to help support brain injury survivors and their family members. Buy your ticket today before 3:00 p.m.


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