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There is an overwhelming need to provide recreational learning experiences to enhance the quality of life and provide a sense of freedom to those who are routinely excluded from extracurricular activities due to a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury. Whether it is biking through the trails, creating meaningful art in the park or even just a group trip to the movies or a museum, BIAMS/USAMS inspires all people to be active, discover new places, meet new people, learn new skills and rekindle their spirit in the open outdoors. The “Adapt to the Outdoors" recreational program will encourage everyone to get up, get outside, and get rolling!

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Will anyone else be attending the program with you?
Do you & your family wish to join the YMCA Free Membership waiting list? (We pay for the first two months with a mandantory attendance of once per week., then you have the option to continue you membership at a reduced coroporate rate, or you can cancel with no obligations to continue.)
I give BIAMS/USAMS permission to use any photographs or footage taken at their events in any digital media format (e.g., photo, video, website and other web-related publications for educational purposes) without payment. Release of any and all copyright ownership or claims.

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You must be a BIAMS/USAMS Member -AND- be part of a support group in order to engage in the "Adapt to the Outdoors" Activities.

If you have not signed up with our online membership form, please click here.

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