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Thank you for your interest in the Brain Injury Association (BIA) of Mississippi. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the leading cause of death and disability in children, young adults and seniors. Mississippi is #3 in the country in the number of brain injuries reported each year. Brain injuries are primarily caused by #1 falls; #2 motor vehicle accidents. Now in its 30th year of service, the BIA of Mississippi is the only nonprofit in our state specifically assisting traumatic brain and/or spinal cord injury survivors, both civilian and military, and their families. We provide timely and ongoing help through our referral network, support groups, survivor activities and events. Additionally, we offer injury prevention education and advocate advocate for laws that would prevent injuries. On behalf of our staff, board of directors and the survivors and families we serve, I ask for your support. Raising funds is crucial now more than ever to continue our much-needed programs. Thank you in advance for your participation. 

Lee Jenkins, BIA Executive Director

Board of Directors

Executive Committee Members

Chairman - Howard T. Katz, M.D.
Vice President - Mr. Wayne Ferrell, Esq.
Treasurer - Robert Sevier, PhD.
Secretary - Jennifer Reneker, MSPT, PhD.


Board Members

Joseph Farina, M.D.
Mrs. Terri Galloway
Mr. William F. Heard
Mr. Jordon Hillhouse
Mr. Terry Johnson

Mr. Rabun Jones

Mr. Eric Ray, Esq.

Mr. Bert Rubinsky

Mrs. Janice Knight

John Lancon, M.D.
Edward L. Manning, Ph.D.
Mrs. Susan Marquez
Mr. Marc Osborne

Mr. Vernon Perry
Mr. Richard Schwartz, Esq.
Ms. Nancy Tharp


Advisory Members

Mrs. Jan Nash, Survivor

Ms. Karen Cadle, Survivor

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