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  • Brain Injury Association of MS/United Spinal Association MS Chapter

Living Well with Dr. John Adjustment Through the Lifespan

Join Dr. John Chang for his next webinar on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 2PM ET about depression.

Can't make it tomorrow? Dr. John is offering several webinars in the upcoming months. Choose to join one, a couple or even all of them!

"Nothing can be more traumatic than a spinal cord injury. I still catch myself wondering what if and what would I have accomplished without this paralysis. To lose one’s physical capabilities, future, loved ones, independence, and feeling of self-worth. To be under the scrutiny of everyone’s eyes, but yet there are plenty of stories of survival, achievement, success, and meaning. How do we transition from one to the other? The path may be full of bumps and bruises along with many surprises. Let’s spend the hour discussing our journeys."

-Dr. John Chang


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